Change Your Hair

4 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Hair Now 

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Have you been planning out about changing your hair for a while now? Are you trying to impress someone or do you just wanted a new perspective on how you look? Whatever your reason is, I know there are some doubts in your mind that try to prevent you to take a plunge in one of the most liberating experiences ever. The task of changing your hair might be intimidating at first but after the process, you’ll definitely be grateful for having the courage to do it. Before finally asking yourself “where are the best hair salons near me?” here are the reasons that will motivate you to undergo a life-changing transformation. 

Change Your Hair

Pamper yourself  

Everybody deserves the pleasure of being pampered. After all, it’s the perfect prize for your hard work and dedication in trying to accomplish all your deadlines. Release your stress by walking into a great salon and get pampered and prettified with a haircut, hair color, or anything that you want.  

Transform your look  

It is proven by psychology that your hair is one of your most prominent features. Because it is so visible, your crowning glory becomes a part of your identity. Take advantage of these facts and start reinventing yourself depending on the persona you aim to create.  

Amy Jorgensen, in her research about how hair affects a woman’s brand, found out how people generally describe a girl based on her hair color and styles. Here are the findings. 

  • Brunette:intelligent, intimidating, arrogant, mature, worldly 
  • Blonde:needy, incompetent 
  • Redhead:competent, temperamental 
  • Straight hair: professional, clean, intelligent 
  • Curly hair:approachable, carefree, risk taker, unruly, unprofessional 
  • Long hair:less professional, youthful, immature, silly, hippy 
  • Short hair:confidence, intelligence, maturity 

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Look the age that you want 

When we were young, we wanted to look older because radiating the aura of maturity gains respect. However, when you’re older, you want to look younger and youthful because nobody wants to be told that they look 40. How ironic, right? 

Whatever it is that your heart desires, you don’t have to undergo dramatic changes such as plastic surgery. Just ask yourself “what is the best among the hair salons near me that can cater to my needs?” Problem solved.  

Embrace change 

Be rewarded by the effort of taking the plunge. If you are someone that is itching to try something new, why not do it on your hair? Have you always wondered what you look like with short pixie cut? Are you still eyeing the bouncy curly tresses of the models in your daily magazine? Stepping inside a hair salon might be a daunting and intimidating task but you’ll reap the benefits once you set your foot out.  Expect the admiration of your family and friends once they see you looking good with your wonderful tresses.  

So what is the transformation you are going to make? For more information, contact us. 

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