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There are many ways to clean a house and there could be many different procedures to start with it. It would depend to you on how you wanted the place or rooms to be cleaned in your house. It is important to think that no matter what the ways are, it is nice to end up and having the result that you wanted. The cleaning services that other companies are offering is just simply the same with you. They have their own ways to make it spotless but with the use of modern tools and equipment to make sure that everything is in order and fast. But, you could make and follow the following things below. 


  • Make sure that you will clean every area and spots in your house, no matter how small the area is? Let’s start with your bedroom, you need to get rid of all the stuff and things under your own bed. I guess you would be very surprised about the dirt and dust that you can see under there. If it is too narrow or too hard for you to get it by your bare hands, then use a soft broom to gather everything down there. You would probably realize now that some of your personal things are there and even your missing clothes or shoes are just hiding down there. If you think you can’t use it anymore then it is up to you now to share or donate them to others or to charity organization. This is applicable not only to your bed but also under some furniture like tables or desk or even under the sofa and cabinet. You could come to think about it now that if you lost something you might find then there.  
  • If you wanted to make your place more organize and pleasant to look then you should separate things according to their usage. Throw the things that are impossible to use or to recycle. Collect and put in one place all the stuff that are related to each other.  
  • Start segregating the clothes in your dresser. Remove of all them one by one and the at the same time you separate which one is for daily, which is for your formal event and even your undergarments. Make sure to fold them properly and well. So, that when you are going to use them, you don’t need to iron them. The same thing with your shoes, you can pile them up in a rack to easily look and see the one that you will be suing in the future. 
  • Collect all the trash the you have cleaned. Select the things there that can still be used by others, it is better to give them away to those people who will be needing it instead of throwing them straight to the trash bin. You sell something to the junk shops if you want, like plastic bottles or tin cans.  

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